5th Bay Area Jiu-Jitsu Championships

Attention all fighters and athletes our 5th Bay Area Jiu-Jitsu Championships will be in ALAMEDA HIGH SCHOOL
Please check the address:

2201 Encinal Ave  Alameda, CA 94501




Brazillian Jiujitsu and Submission Wrestling Championships.

The 2013 Bay Area Championships



SCHEDULE FOR OUR UPCOMING BAY AREA JIU-JITSU CHAMPIONSHIPS THIS COMING November 24th-Make sure to come to the tournament ready to fight and at your weight-If you don’t make the weight you will be DQ from your division and if we are able we “might” have you place in the above division or not.We can’t guarantee athletes that don’t make the weight that we will have fights for them-So please make the weight properly.




Good luck to all fighters-

“It’s impossible to win a race unless you venture to run,

 impossible to win the victory unless you dare to battle”


Alameda,Ca-November 24th-2013 

Team Silva/ Checkmat based in Alameda CA, will once again host the

2013 Bay Area BJJ Championships for all GI & NO GI competitors at Alameda High School in Alameda,Ca.


The Premiere BJJ competition in the San Francisco Bay Area welcomes martial artists from everywhere to come, and showcase their skills on the mat.

From Kids divisions all the way to Seniors, and belt levels from White to Black, we invite you to participate for a chance to win some amazing awards, ranging from

Beautiful GOLD, SILVER, and BRONZE medals, amazing TROPHIES, and dazzlingCHAMPIONSHIP BELTS for the Open Division winners, as well as $100 dollars to the winner of each Open division!!!

All winners of the Advance Division NoGi will be award a Fight Gear from FORZA300.


Also OTM will be given away a Rash Guard and a Fight Shorts for the winners of the Open Division NoGi male and Female-

All winners of the Open Divisions will win $100 CASH+Championship belts+Trophies+Medals+FREE Registration for our next event!

Bay Area

Kids Check in will start at 8am-Small kids first(4,5,6 years old)then(7,8,9)then(10,11,12)

If you are a Juvenile check in will star at 9:15am for that division.

Schedule will be post on November 20th at 6pm!

Weight ins will be right before your division be call-We will be calling 2-3 divisions at the time,your name will be call 3 times in the microphone-The 4th you will be DQ-

Also If you don’t make it weight we will try our best to put in the above division but we just can’t guarantee-Please if you are an adult make sure to make weight so you don’t have to go home with no fight-We will do our best to best serve everyone but it’s your job to get in your weight!If you registered in a weight that you don’t believe you can make it you have until November 15th to make the change.

We are currently seeking Black Belts for a Super Fight!


Competition T-shirts will also be given to all competitors registered in the event.


Since the Bay Area Championships is the last big tournament of the year in the Bay, many champions of the year’s previous events grace our mats to end the year strong, and start the next year even stronger. We’ve had Pan Am games champions, National champions, and many Mundials champions honor our event by competing among the best the Bay Area has to offer.


Register yourself TODAY-


There will also be some great prizes for the crowd  who will be there cheering for their family, and friends that will be provided by our much appreciated sponsors!!!One of the best Bay Area  Jiu-Jitsu Tournaments!


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